Aki Ito | Music

Aki Ito, a Japanese composer, studied composition and orchestration at CNSM de Paris. Alongside her instrumental creations, her sensitivity and interest directed her from the beginning of her career towards electronic music and new technology.

By pursuing its concept of slowness, she focuses since 2016 on the study of a temporal system inspired by astronomy. She defines slowness as a temporal space that changes slowly and perpetually, where several different periods coexist and influence each other. In this sense, time is relative and interactive for her, which changes according to the points of view.

For the Astérismes project, her role is to design sounds and processes that are both spectacular and inspiring, to suit the different forms, while developing her temporal and compositional system.

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Jean-Philippe Lambert | Interaction

Jean-Philippe Lambert’s background spans science and music, as well as techniques for live performance.

Since 2001, he has done research at Ircam – Centre Pompidou for various projects with the following teams: Sound Analysis and Synthesis, Real Time, Sound Music Movement Interaction, and Acoustic and Cognitive Spaces. Currently, he collaborates on the Soundworks framework, used by Astérismes, which allows to perform distributed interactions on phones (concerts, installations and experiments).

Concurrently with his research at Ircam, he creates lighting, music, interaction, software, and video, for performances, concerts, movies, and installations, presented in different places in France, Europe and Japan. He has contributed to many international artistic events as a creator, technical director or performer.

His various interests nourish his work on multimodal interaction systems. He collaborates on many projects, from their conception to their presentation, including research (both scientific and artistic) and realisation.

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